Saturday, September 25, 2010

For no reason at all....

Ezra's 4 yr old hand on my Dad's gravestone, next to his newborn hand print.

You can't imagine the love I have for you. Holding you in my arms; listening to your gentle breaths, I put my face against your hair and breathe in your angel smell. You press your tiny hand against my back and gently pat, 

because I've patted your back for 4 years now, 

and you know it means "I love you." 

You like to hear every detail of my day and hang on every word,

 inquiring as to the workings of the most simple tasks that would 

fall idle on most other ears.

 You tuck away every detail I've ever told you. You remember if I didn't feel good yesterday, and you want to know if I'm better in the morning. When I'm away from you, you miss me, and you tell me so. 

You stop in the middle of your childs-play to say you love me, 

just because you do. You have no agenda, no secret motives, no logic behind your love for me. You must be the only person in this world who loves me for no reason and every reason, at the same time. 

When I think of every way in which you surround and penetrate my heart, I can't imagine how much more amazing my God's love for me could be, though I am told it's beyond my deepest capacity to love. Therefore, I vow each day to love and adore my God for all that He is, in the same way that you love and adore me for no reason at all

I love you, Ezra

Ezra's hand again at 3 yrs.

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